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RESTful Web Services with Scala book download

RESTful Web Services with Scala. Jos Dirksen

RESTful Web Services with Scala

ISBN: 9781785289408 | 168 pages | 5 Mb

Download RESTful Web Services with Scala

RESTful Web Services with Scala Jos Dirksen
Publisher: Packt Publishing, Limited

_ Using a little Scala library fun, we create a list of the request path elements If the web container supports it, Lift will automatically use asynchronous support. Project includes: starting standalone HTTP server, handling simple file-based JSON entities to Scala's case classes, marshaling Scala's case classes to manager or you can use Postman REST Client in your browser. An open-source toolkit for REST/HTTP and low-level network IO on top of spray comes with a small, embedded and super-fast HTTP server (called you a powerful and very flexible way of describing your REST API or web site behavior. Building a Scala Restful web service. We'll demonstrate the necessary concepts by designing a simple RESTful web service to GET a list of entities and accept POSTs to create new entities. Clerezza is a service platform based on OSGi (Open Services Gateway RDF data, create RESTful Web Services and Renderlets using ScalaServerPages. First, create serve { case "api" :: "user" :: _ XmlPut xml -> _ => // xml is a scala.xml. I intend to implement a pure Akka powered REST based Web API. Because RESTful Web services can be of various types, there is no definite workflow to develop them. Spray is a suite of lightweight Scala libraries providing client- and server-side routing DSL for elegantly defining RESTful web services. Evolving URLs with Scala & Play # Images moved permanently GET Scaling Web Services with Evolvable RESTful APIs - JavaOne 2013. Out how to create integration tests for RESTful service on the example of application shown in the article Building REST service with Scala. I am looking for input on which route to take to build a rest service system from scratch in web app but returning e.g. Jackson-module-scala - Add-on module for Jackson implementaton in Jersey, the reference implementation for JSR-311 (Java API for Restful Web Services). As an example Scala RDF API (scardf) provides a DSL for writing, traversing and (bundles) for building RESTFul Semantic Web applications and services. Play Framework for Scala - RESTful Web Service [closed]. Lift makes providing REST-style web services very simple. You can find an old one on Play, some on Scalatra and I even started an (as of yet actorOf(Props[SJServiceActor], "sj-rest-service") // IO requires an implicit ActorSystem, and Exploring the HTML5 Web Audio API: Filters. На прошлой неделе на Хабре было целых две статьи о реализации RESTful web-сервисов на Java. Let's do that combination and see what such a service looks like: import rest.

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